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Participants in the SASRD Medziphema Technology Demonstration Unit training program on September 28.

Dimapur, October 1 (MExN): A one-day practical training on “Vermi-composting and smokeless drying of Naga King Chilli” was organized by STINER-TFC, SASRD: NU, Medziphema campus, Nagaland center on September 28 at the technology demonstration unit .

The program was carried out under the initiative of Professor Akali Sema, the SASRD dean and the project manager, STINER-TFC. With the notion of “creating an entrepreneurial spirit and encouraging skills development” being the main mandate of the center, the hands-on training program aimed to sensitize the local population to various income-generating activities, according to a press release from SASRD Friday. While addressing the concept of training, Prof. Akali Sema highlighted the importance of developing new skills and turning them into self-sustaining businesses and how the center can help bring relevant technologies to the benefit of the people, a t -he adds.

The first session focused on smokeless drying of Naga King Chile which was presented by Rokosieno Zao, Project Assistant, STINER-TFC, where she encouraged participants to identify resources available in the region such as King Chilli and the convert into a source of income. Street.

The second session was presented by Bikram Ghimere, project assistant, STINER-TFC, on the importance and scope of vermi-composting which is a conversion of “waste into wealth” and a low cost technology ensuring a good economic return . The technical sessions were followed by a practical demonstration.

A total of 18 participants including housewives, self-help groups, doctoral students, students and unemployed youth attended the training program chaired by Dr Sentirenla Changkiri, project assistant, STINER-TFC, according to the communicated.

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