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World No Tobacco Day marks almost a year for actor Arjun Rampal for quitting smoking. The chain-smoking actor arrested him during last year’s pandemic. It was tough and every day was a battle, he admits.

“When I wanted to quit, it was the hardest thing to do – I would get cranky, irritated and angry. It’s not something you can easily overcome, ”he tells us.

the Rock on the actor started smoking while in boarding school. Reflecting on that time, he adds, “I was an athlete. I was injured doing obstacles, training for races, and couldn’t compete. I was pretty upset and saw my friends smoke, and for fun I also gave it a try. I couldn’t do it, so my friends taught me how to breathe and take a puff. I smoked one and got this whim for the first time; it was really good.

Rampal admits that he went from smoking to smoking daily, to the point where he ended up smoking a pack a day and became addicted. “I became a chain smoker, which was disgusting,” he notes.

Being around his baby boy, Arik, motivated and pushed the actor to quit smoking.

“I was sitting with Arik in the middle of a pandemic, and I thought I was just messing up my lungs and playing with my health. I know my production capacity is way beyond what it is today, “says Rampal, adding,” How can I be so irresponsible to go and get a baby, while still smelling of tobacco. It also stays on your hands, hair, and fingers. “

Having been a non-smoker for about a year now, Rampal feels like the urge usually comes when you see someone smoking.

“You feel like you should smoke too. But, after being there that trail is just like the feeling when you first started smoking and it becomes a habit again. This time, your body recognizes that feeling and craves it, ”explains the actor, who has chosen to choose alternatives to combat the urges to smoke again.

“The best way to stop is to stop thinking about it. More than anything, the urge is to satisfy the reflex that the body creates when you have been a smoker. Replace cigarettes with mint, chewing gum or even a lollipop, ”Rampal shares.

Speaking of people who are influenced by smoking while watching movies, the actor feels he has to be responsible for his own actions.

“To think that if he smokes I can smoke too is a very stupid approach. The guy who smokes in the movie is doing a job and knows it’s bad. Don’t be silly and just enjoy the movie for what it is, ”he suggests.

Rampal has a tip for people trying to quit smoking. “People think it helps them reduce stress or focus. It doesn’t, and on the contrary, it does just the opposite – it increases your stress, increases your blood pressure, and makes you more vulnerable to many forms of cancer. Do not follow this path. I’m out of this, and I’m going to stay out of it. Don’t get into habits that are going to be fatal because the habits are part of your personality, ”he concludes.

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