Warrington smoking cessation rates drop during Covid pandemic


A lower proportion of smokers in Warrington quit during the coronavirus pandemic than the previous year, the numbers suggest – despite a higher success rate across the country.

NHS Digital data shows 875 people in Warrington set a date to stop using the NHS Stop Smoking Service between April last year and March.

In follow-up meetings held a month later, 576 said they had given up – 66%. In the previous year, 82 percent of Warrington residents reported having successfully quit smoking.

Nationally, the self-reported dropout rate increased from 51% to 59% during this period.

Some 1,700 smokers who sought to quit across England last year were under 18 – and 45% said they had quit.

Although up from 41 percent the previous year, it was still the lowest pass rate of any category, and well behind the 61 percent of people aged 60 and over who reached the same level.

In response to the data, Warrington Borough Council and LiveWire said they hope a resumption of face-to-face sessions now that Covid restrictions have eased will further encourage quitting.

In a joint statement, they said: “The past 18 months have been a tough time for everyone, and those who quit with the support of the SmokeFree Warrington team have done incredibly well.

Smaller proportion of smokers in Warrington quit during pandemic

“In 2020, we were thrilled to be named the Northwest’s highest authority for people who quit smoking in four weeks and the new numbers released by the NHS Digital Warrington show remain above average national for people who say they have quit smoking.

“This is a testament to both Warrington’s tobacco control plan and the fact that people heeded public health messages during the pandemic and made the positive decision to quit for good.

“During the pandemic, there has been a decline in the number of people referred for service via healthcare professionals – but there has been an increase in the number of people referring themselves.

“The SmokeFree Warrington team worked throughout the lockdowns to help people quit smoking, providing service remotely through phone and online channels.

“The team was able to relaunch the face-to-face sessions with the people who wanted it, further increasing the support offered to people and businesses in the city.

“Going forward, October will see the annual month-long Stoptober campaign, which aims to put more emphasis on locally offered smoking cessation assistance, and the SmokeFree Warrington team is urging people to get in touch. they want support to quit smoking.

“Statistics show people are more likely to quit for good if they have support.”

For more information call 0300 003 0818, visit @smokefreewarrington on social media, text 07580384568 or visit livewirewarrington.co.uk/stop smoking

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