Vaping is not a good alternative to cigarettes – health officials – Manila Bulletin

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY – Health officials here have said that vaping is equally harmful to everyone’s health, so it cannot be considered a good alternative to cigarettes.


Dr. Tristan Jediah Labitad, Area 10 Department of Health (DOH) Non-Communicable Disease Group Leader, has stood firm as a medical professional and advocate that vaping is still detrimental to lung health .

“Exposing your lungs to these different substances would lead to nagkalain-laing mga sakit (different diseases), usa niana ang (one of them is) tuberculosis [Tuberculosis]“, said Labitad.

“If you [address the public] take care of yourself, the life of your family, your children and your community, stop smoking. OK? And vaping is not an option. Alright?” he added.

Dr. Wellaflor Kindom-Brito, head of the DOH-10 infectious disease group, echoed Labitad’s position and cited a recent clinical trial and research in which the finding, she said, showed that vaping is still deadly and even more dangerous than cigarettes.

“We all know that medicine and science, dynamic man gyud ni sya nga world nuh (it’s a dynamic world). So from time to time updates depend on (there are updates, depending on) the evidence and research (that is) available,” Brito explained.

“And now we have data and evidence that vaping is also dangerous for our lungs,” she added.

Labitad and Brito released the statements during DOH-10’s conduct of the second episode of Konsultayo at one of the malls here on Thursday, August 11, which was also streamed live on social media, as part of the “National Tuberculosis Day Celebration”.

The two health officials made the remarks in reaction to a bill titled ‘An Act to Regulate Vaporized Nicotine and Non-Nicotine Products’ which was passed by Congress in January and became law on July 25, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. not having acted on it. .

The law regulates the importation, manufacture, sale, packaging, distribution, use, and communication of vaporized nicotine and non-nicotine products, as well as novel tobacco products.

Under the new law, the Department of Commerce and Industry (DTI) is responsible for consulting with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to establish technical standards for the safety, consistency, and quality of vaping products.

It may be recalled that the DOH, in a press release in December last year, strongly opposed the previous bill and said it was “regressive and contains several provisions that contradict the public health objectives and international standards”.

However, despite opposition from health officials and health advocates, medical experts have also supported passing the vape bill.

In an article, Dr. Arleen Reyes, former President of the Philippine Dental Association (PDA) and Chair of the Scientific Committee of the Asia-Pacific Dental Federation, praised lawmakers and the Marcos administration for passing the said bill. . it would mean eradicating the tobacco epidemic in the country.



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