Two Major Consumer Advocacy Groups Launch “RightToVape” Website

The hope is that the thousands of international testimonies will be a wake-up call for politicians, public health officials and anti-vaping activists around the world.

live now, already has nearly 14,000 testimonials. The goal of the initiative is to collect and publicly publish successful vaping stories and testimonials from people who have switched from combustible tobacco to safer alternatives. However, the testimonials also indicate the growing anger of vapers around the world, for having their right to choose the rejected products.

CASAA and CAPHRA invite adult users of safer alternative nicotine products, such as vapes and snus, to submit their stories and experiences. “This site will not only be a solely dedicated resource, but a powerful response to those who want to restrict access to vaping and other smokeless products. The many inspiring life stories and compelling anecdotes clearly demonstrate that, in fact, consumers are the proof,” said Nancy Loucas, Executive Coordinator of CAPHRA.

Loucas hopes the thousands of international testimonials will be a wake-up call for politicians, public health officials and anti-vaping activists around the world. “We are adults. We have the right to make informed decisions about our health. We are proof that safer alternatives work, and we will not be silenced. This is an incredibly powerful new global advocacy initiative and CAPHRA is delighted to be working with CASAA to launch it into the world. Now please give us your personal stories,” she said.

Lives improved by ‘stepping away from combustion’

CASAA CEO Alex Clark expressed his enthusiasm for collaborating with international allies who are also working to reduce the harm caused by tobacco. “Too often, the debate over safer nicotine products is framed as a conflict between corporate profits and public health. This international collection of consumer testimonials challenges this false and outdated narrative. It’s full of authentically lived experiences of people improving their lives by stepping away from combustion,” Clark said.

CAPHRA member organizations sign statement in support of PTH

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