Turkish group calls for e-cig event to be canceled


A nongovernmental organization (NGO) focused on raising awareness of the dangers of smoking has slammed an upcoming online event which it says promotes the use of tobacco products, especially e-cigarettes.

In a press release, the Initiative to Protect Children from the Tobacco Epidemic and Its Harms called on the Turkish Economic Policy Research Foundation (TEPAV) to cancel an online seminar with the tobacco industry. tobacco expected Friday on the grounds that it would contribute to standardization. products known to be harmful to public health, in particular to children.

Claiming that TEPAV aims to standardize the use of electronic cigarettes and tobacco products, the initiative also urged the foundation to “end all collaboration with the tobacco industry, especially the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World” . The press release claimed that the Smoke-Free Foundation is funding the writing of unscientific manipulative reports, which will be shared with experts at the webinar. Emphasizing the danger that smoking represents for public health, in particular for children and young people, the press release urged TEPAV to avoid actions and associations that could promote the use of highly addictive substances such as electronic cigarettes. and other tobacco products.

The NGO works with 27 organizations including the World Health Organization (WHO) to fight against “malicious” industries promoting tobacco use, with the ultimate goal of creating a civil society aware of the harmful effects of these products.

A previous attempt by the foundation to organize an event has been the subject of similar criticism.

Earlier this year, a former Smoke Free Foundation employee filed a lawsuit against the foundation in New York City, claiming it was linked to tobacco companies and was trying to promote vaping among teens. The foundation openly supports the use of electronic cigarettes as a way to “reduce deaths” from smoking. A report from Agence France-Presse (AFP) claimed that the foundation, created in 2017, had the full financial support of Philip Morris International.

Although the use of electronic cigarettes is permitted in Turkey, importation and sale of the device in the country is strictly prohibited. Turkey had already successfully implemented a comprehensive smoking ban and reduced rates of smoking among a population notorious for chain smoking. While smoking remains popular in Turkey, authorities are working to further eradicate this harmful habit by offering free treatment, albeit currently for a limited number of smokers.

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