Top 5 respiratory content of 2021


An 8-year journey to a diagnosis of chronic cough, treatment for neurogenic cough, e-cigarettes and risk factors for COVID-19 were among the most viewed respiratory articles.

The 5 most viewed respiratory articles on focused on a woman’s journey to a diagnosis of chronic cough, treatment for neurogenic cough, e-cigarettes, and risk factors for COVID-19.

Here are the 5 most viewed respiratory pieces of 2021.

5. Paulette Nyahay describes the journey to a diagnosis of chronic cough

Asked about her chronic cough diagnosis journey, Paulette Nyahay said it took around 8 years to be properly diagnosed after being referred to her doctor. This July interview was about how Nyahay distinguished her chronic cough from her asthmatic cough and how she ultimately got a diagnosis.

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4.Effective upper laryngeal nerve blocks for neurogenic cough

A study covered in June said that superior laryngeal nerve (SLN) blocks are effective in treating neurogenic coughs, which are coughs that continue and persist after other conditions are ruled out. Patients with signs of abnormal vocal fold movements / vibrations experienced a greater therapeutic effect and showed long-term improvement that approached statistical significance.

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3. Electronic cigarettes, heated tobacco products related to lung damage

A review of the literature indicated that e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products produce lung disease in a manner similar to conventional cigarettes, as well as from new mechanisms peculiar to these devices, according to this May article.

According to the studies included in the review, these products share damage and spoilage pathways with conventional cigarettes and exhibit more recent damage mechanisms related to additives, flavors and metal nanoparticles. Additionally, several lung cell lines exposed to e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products produced increased levels of pro-inflammatory interleukin-8 and interleukin-16.

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2. COPD and asthma may not be risk factors for COVID-19, study finds

A study published earlier this year found that chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma were not risk factors for intensive care unit (ICU) admissions or death from ICU. ‘infection with COVID-19.

This study contradicts the widely accepted hypothesis that patients with obstructive airway disease are at greater risk of ICU admissions and death than others, largely based on older evidence showing that respiratory disease is risk factors for more serious reactions to cold viruses. Factors associated with death during hospitalization were male sex, advanced age, heart disease, and immunosuppressive disease.

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1. Flu vaccine can protect against COVID-19 infection

According to a study covered in this February article, patients immune to the flu were less likely to test positive or have serious complications from COVID-19. These patients were 24% less likely to test positive for COVID-19, and if they contracted the virus, they were more likely to have better clinical outcomes compared to those who were not vaccinated against the flu. .

The limitations of the study included that patients and data were Michigan-specific and mostly collected from large hospitals, not community settings.

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