The launch of the Canton fair selections highlights various high-quality products on the first day of the fair

GUANGZHOU, China, October 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The 132nd Canton Fair Opens Online On October 15, 2022. It starts with the Canton Fair Products Release Promotional Event, a four-day special edition event showcasing more than 200 eye-catching new products to global buyers. The series sets industry benchmarks to guide and inspire more companies to become more innovative and cultivate new competitive advantages.

The Canton Fair Selections can be found on the Canton Fair official website. The series highlights 7 themesincluding electronic appliances, building materials and home decorations, industrial manufacturing, Hardware tools, Household device, fashion lifeand health and leisure. A total of 200 new product videos will be launched, each accessible to global buyers who can watch them directly through the new product launch section of the official Canton Fair website. Highlights will also be shared on official Canton Fair Facebook and Tiktok accounts as well as Canton Fair emails.

57% of selected new products are from high-quality enterprises in industries and related fields of domestic manufacturing in China, including the world’s top 500 companies such as Gree Electric Appliances, Midea Group, Unilumin Group; and sub-industry leaders, such as Tongrun Auto Accessory, a leading jack company, Fuling Plastics, a leading eco-friendly catering appliance company, and a leading chemiluminescence company, which is participating for the first time, Technologie Biologique Normande.

Household, leisure and entertainment products

  • Natuo Thunder Music flashlight from Binovo Manufacturing., Ltd., can detect changes in external sound and automatically move the light accordingly to create a visual representation of sound rhythm with 12 built-in functions including flashlight, ambient light, high -speaker and pickup light.
  • The smokeless grill by Guangdong Linkfair Household adopts a new smokeless system allowing oil vapor to be continuously cooled and solidified by an innovative built-in hood, which uses water film filtration and circulation technology to capture smoke.

Smart technology products

  • The patented Motobatt Li-Ion Hybrid Technology (MHT)from Guangzhou Kaijie Power Supply Industrial Co., Ltd., can extend battery life, reduce recycling costs and exceed the performance of Li-Ion and lithium batteries with its intelligent battery control system.
  • 5G Cabin-less intelligent interactive sanitation robot of Changsha Zoomlion Environmental Industry Co., Ltd integrates advanced innovative technologies such as 5G intelligent voice interaction, waste identification and unmanned operation for intelligent operation and movement.

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