The FDA approves vape to quit smoking; the doctor calls for caution


TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – The FDA approved three vaping products this week, but a doctor at Mercy Health St. Vincent says you need to approach with caution.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced on Tuesday that the Vuse Solo vaping device and its accessories are allowed to be marketed as smoking cessation products. The approval might sound like a positive thing, but it’s actually part of a crackdown on teen vaping.

“The first part of this is that they have banned flavored products, electronic cigarettes, except menthol, and this has actually led to a significant reduction in the use of vaping by teenagers,” said Dr James Tita, Chief Medical Officer at Mercy Health. Saint-Vincent.

Now the FDA is looking at how companies market their vaping products. Data provided by the manufacturer of Vuse Solo has shown that their product can be used to help people quit smoking. And the marketing campaign is the first to be approved as “appropriate for the protection of public health,” according to the FDA.

“For nicotine dependent patients who are trying to quit smoking, this is a reasonable strategy,” says Dr. Tita.

However, that doesn’t stop stores from selling to young people, so regulating vaping is a balancing act between the potential benefits and the potential harms.

“If you’ve never smoked, vaping isn’t good because it can potentially cause you to become addicted to nicotine and switch to tobacco cigarettes,” says Dr. Tita.

The FDA has yet to decide whether or not to grant the approval to vaping market leader Juul.

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