The American Lung Association’s Struggle for Aerial Ascent at Soldier Field



Have you or someone you know ever quit smoking? Have you or someone you know suffered from lung diseases such as lung cancer or asthma? Have you or someone you know been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic?

If you want to support a nonprofit that is fighting these fronts and also want to train inside Soldier Field, consider participating or donating to the Fight for Air Climb on Saturday, June 19. The annual event is organized by the American Lung Association, whose mission statement bed :

We are focused on fighting lung cancer, creating a tobacco-free future, defending clean air for all, and improving the quality of life for people with lung disease and their lives. families.

The climb itself takes participants through the stands of Soldier Field, home of your favorite monsters, the Chicago Bears. There are 2 route options, a short tour of 1,279 steps around the stadium through sections of premium seating and a longer tour of 1,958 steps around which climbs the nosebleeds of the northern area. Both routes start in the southern end area.

You can view the routes, as well as other event information, at next link.

There is a virtual option at the event, and both entries come with a fundraising requirement:

Stadium climbers have a minimum fundraiser of $ 150 and virtual climbers Climb Your Way have a minimum fundraiser of $ 100 in order to receive your race record.

The link to register for the event is here.

If you would like to donate to the American Lung Association, please consider donating at my fundraising link as I will be attending the event. My donation link is here.

All the money goes to the American Lung Association. If you are planning to attend and want to talk about bears, Chicago sports, Star Wars or whatever, you can find me on twitter.


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