Tala Pasifika supports “World Smokefree May”

Tala Pasifika supports ‘World Smokefree May’ all the way. Hāpai Te Hauora’s announcement declaring “World Smokefree May” ahead of the international observance of “World Smokefree Day” by the World Health Organization on Tuesday, May 31, 2022. This will help create talanoa and opportunities for the Pasifika of Aotearoa to make that life-enhancing decision to be non-smoking.

Tala Pasifika – Lealailepule Director Edward Cowley says, “Any opportunity for Pasifika communities and families to permanently move away from tobacco products means a step closer to family prosperity.” We are fortunate to live in Aotearoa where we have a government showing its commitment and leadership by launching the Aotearoa Tobacco Action Plan. No other country in the world has a bold plan like ours, which will only serve to save the lives of people we know, love and care for.

The month-long theme “Global Smoke-Free May” was designed through gathering information and supporting young people to encompass their hopes and aspirations for their future. The theme “We’ve got your back” speaks directly to teamwork and a collective approach to this collective issue of tobacco use. This is at the heart of how Pasifika families and communities do things. It is an essential part of our beings and lies at the heart of our actions.

To celebrate, Hāpai Te Hauora has created social media and kanohi ki te kanohi (face to face) events to encourage those considering quitting to take the first step and put their plan into action. . Hāpai Te Hauora is hosting a launch day for “World Smokefree May”, on Saturday April 30 from 10am-2pm in partnership with Manurewa Marae and the Manurewa Marlins Rugby League Club, which will celebrate our tamariki and their aspirations to have a smoke-free Aotearoa. The event will also have kaimahi on hand to offer information and resources on how to quit smoking, and how you can support whānau who are on their way, as well as kai, entertainment and a DJ.

Associate Professor El-Shadan Tautolo, Director of AUT’s Center for Pacific Health Research, says “the evidence outlining the harms of tobacco to our Pasifika peoples is clear, so supporting new initiatives like World Smokefree May we gives an entire month of opportunities to create positive change. We are currently living in a time in the history of Aotearoa where the support available for people to quit smoking is the strongest it has ever been. this opportunity “.

World Smokefree May’s initiatives and activities will be widely publicized on all Hāpai Te Hauora social media platforms and showcase the work of their new Community Activators who are working tirelessly on the ground in their regions across Aotearoa. Sharing stories of people who have successfully quit smoking, tips and tricks to make your quitting journey much easier, and debunking common misconceptions about quitting smoking, and weekly Friday giveaways.

Ms. Maine Andrew-Ngariki, Vice President of Pacific Health and Welfare Inc, fully supports supporting families and communities to be smoke-free. “Our network of Pacific professionals has a long history of supporting our loved ones to be smoke-free! Aotearoa will be such a prosperous place when our anau, aiga, famili and magafaoa are smoke-free and drive more change for more options in our communities. It is a milestone for our country when policies and collective efforts create that systematic change to achieve incredible goals like Smokefree 2025,” says Andrew-Ngariki.

Future generations of the Pasifika people of Aotearoa will thrive with “We’ve got your back” and Tala Pasifika is here to “support you too”

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