Study finds e-cigarettes less effective for quitting smoking

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – We all know the health risks of smoking cigarettes: from lung cancer to emphysema, there is no shortage of data and research showing the problems smoking can cause. This is why, in recent decades, smoking cessation has been a priority for doctors and even smokers wishing to reduce these risks.

Vapes and e-cigarettes have been touted as a healthier alternative to smoking, but researchers show it’s actually a less effective tool than other methods.

E-cigarettes haven’t been available for long, which means long-term data on their health effects is limited, but a new study shows that, compared to things like nicotine patches or gum, the he idea that they help smokers quit is going up in smoke.

There are some effectiveness when it comes to quitting smoking using e-cigarettes.

However, the study found that 15% of people who used them for this purpose ended up becoming daily e-cigarette users.

It’s not necessarily a safer option, as nicotine in general is also linked to negative health effects.

In fact, researchers found that e-cigarettes had the same efficacy as smokers who simply switched to different tobacco products like cigars or chewing tobacco.

Apparently, behavior plays a big role in tobacco addiction. Whether it’s smoking a cigarette with your coffee or smoking when you’re stressed, simply putting a cigarette to your mouth can be addictive.

Alyssa Dittner, complex disease navigator for Novant Health, explained why patches or gummies might be more effective.

“Still mimicking the same motion of the oral hand fixation, I think it just continues that cigarette smoking feeling and equals the same amount of nicotine they’re getting,” she said.

Additionally, there are health risks associated with nicotine in general.

“It still does the same thing because it still contains nicotine, people still consume that nicotine and that’s what heart failure and COPD stem from,” Dittner said.

Of course, with any addiction, people will struggle and maybe even relapse, but if you want to quit, there are effective ways to do it. You can view the resources provided on QuitlineNC.

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