Report: Arizona is the only state where COVID-19 is the leading cause of death during pandemic | Local News


His criticisms, which he described in an October guest opinion column in the Arizona Daily Star, include wanting Ducey to give cities and counties the power to adopt and enforce policies. mask measurements; stop “micromanaging” COVID protocols at universities and community colleges; and “have a reasonable code of conduct for students that requires unvaccinated students to be tested weekly”.

Humble, a former director of the Arizona Department of Health Services, also wants Ducey to allow more autonomy for local school boards.

A spokesperson for Ducey did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Wednesday’s report.

Steve Elliott, director of communications for the Arizona Department of Health Services, said he was unable to quickly review the methodology of the new report and then comment on its findings.

But he noted that the ADHS has “consistently recommended that Arizonans use masks, distancing and other mitigation measures to protect themselves from COVID-19, in accordance with CDC guidelines.”

Arizona adopted tough measures involving high-risk businesses such as gyms, bars, cinemas, and water parks. Bars that could not function as eateries were to remain closed until the conditions justify the lifting of these restrictions, “he wrote in an email in response to questions about the report.

“Masks and occupancy restrictions were part of the mitigation measures required for these high-risk establishments, with ADHS maintaining a complaint and inspection system to track reports of non-compliance,” Elliott said.

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