Redwood Reserves Disrupts Alternative Tobacco

Los Angeles, Calif., July 14. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Redwood Reserves is disrupting the alternative tobacco industry with its selection of premium CBD cigarettes, flowers and pre-rolled joints. Grown only with the rich sun, soil and water of Oregon, Redwood Reserves is home to the highest quality CBD smoking products on the market. The main goal of the company is to create products that are a better alternative for people looking to quit smoking tobacco and nicotine without quitting smoking. To see the brand in action, check out their variety of products at

Redwood Reserves didn’t become an industry leader overnight. Founded in 2019 by Ana Redwood, the need for quality CBD smoking products led to the creation of Redwood Reserves. “I had been in the CBD industry for almost 2 years at this point and I kept seeing the demand for CBD flowers increase, but the quality of the products I was trying were really poor.” Ana explained. “I set out to create something that I would feel comfortable using myself, and that’s how Redwood Reserves was born.” By focusing on the taste and experience of smoking CBD flowers, Redwood Reserves has grown in popularity and skyrocketed to the top of review websites and Google search results as one of the best flower companies. CBD cigarettes on the market.

Redwood Reserves CBD cigarettes look and smoke like traditional tobacco cigarettes with one key difference: they contain only high-CBD hemp flowers. Naturally grown on the Redwood Family Farm, these filtered hemp smokes are loaded with premium flowers and triple lab tested for pesticides, heavy metals and microbes for a seamless smoking experience. Designed to be practical and unobtrusive, redwoods are extremely effective at giving you a boost of relaxation when you need it most.

CBD connoisseurs can find a unique smokable CBD experience with CBD joints from Redwood Reserves. Each joint contains one of Redwood’s proprietary strains blended with natural herbs with a specific effect in mind. The best-selling Calm is blended with Carolina Dream Flower & Lavender, while the Focus joint features Wild Bourbon Flower & Peppermint. Those looking for a pure floral experience can get a quirky joint filled with only golden sequoia blossom.

Those who enjoy the experience of rolling their own cigarettes gravitate to Redwood’s proprietary flower strains instead of pre-rolled cigarettes or joints. The hand-cut flower buds pack a potent dose of CBD rich in flavor and effect. Although these hemp buds look and smell like traditional marijuana, they produce much calmer and more subtle effects and are federally legal in the United States. They have become a popular choice for smokers who want to relax without feeling high.

About Redwood Reserves:

Founded in Portland, OR in 2019, Redwood Reserves produces premium smokable CBD products from seed to smoke. Redwood’s vertically integrated farm allows for full transparency at every stage of the process and allows them to precisely control what goes into each product – and more importantly what doesn’t. This production model has earned Redwood an excellent reputation in the hemp industry and has allowed the company to maintain the quality that keeps its customers coming back for more. Besides its flagship CBD cigarette, Redwood also offers pre-rolled CBD joints and whole flower buds. Although hemp is the main focus of the business, they also use a portion of the profits to maintain their rescue farm with over 15 rescued cows, alpacas and horses.


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