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An Idaho program that provides free diapers and wipes to encourage mothers and family members of infants to quit smoking helped 384 people quit smoking from June 2020 to April 2021, according to ministry data. of Idaho Health and Wellness.

Josie Graham, health program manager at IDHW, said that program also resulted in the distribution of 609 packets of diapers and wipes to participants last year.

“It’s really helpful for people who need that financial incentive to not have to buy their own diapers and wipes,” she said, “and then, of course, the amazing added benefit of improve the health (of infants) and the health of the people they live with.”

To be eligible, participants must be enrolled in or have previously taken evidence-based cessation services, such as the Idaho QuitLine, a telephone counseling service designed to help users quit smoking, or quit smoking classes. weaning. They must also remain non-smokers, which is checked by saliva tests.

The value of cases of diapers and wipes provided to families are $45.99 and $19.99, respectively, representing estimated savings for families who participate for a full year of $791.76, according to data from the IDHW.

The program is operated by the Idaho Tobacco Prevention and Control Program, also known as Project Filter, with funding from the Maternal and Child Health Block Grant.

“We have priorities that include increasing the number of people who quit smoking,” Graham said, “and we also have a priority that is reducing exposure to second-hand smoke. So this diapers and wipes program helps us address both of those priorities. »

The program currently costs about $35,000 per year, or about $5,000 per health district, for staff, nicotine testing, diapers, and wipes. The program is also offered to the Nez Percé Tribe through Nimiipuu Health, as well as the Coeur d’Alene and Shoshone Bannock Tribes.

Approximately $23,000 in MCH funds also goes to marketing the program for pregnant women and smoking cessation.

Pregnant or postpartum women with a child under 12 months are eligible, as are people living in the same household as a child under 12 months.

In FY2020, 236 women enrolled in the program while pregnant, 49 fathers and 25 household members.

The 2022 grant application noted that Crissy Garcia, smoking cessation coordinator for Nimiipuu Health Clinic of the Nez Perce Tribe, said allowing any member of the household to participate was a specific benefit for tribal families. who often live in multi-generational homes.

Those interested in the program can find out more by contacting their local public health district or calling the Idaho CareLine at 2-1-1 or 1-800-926-2588.

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