No smoking in outdoor areas – this is what Berkshire people think


A county in England is considering a smoking ban for outdoor hospitality as part of plans to become the first smoke-free county by 2025.

Oxfordshire plans to make the city a smoke-free environment where employers are encouraged to promote smoke-free environments and help staff quit smoking.

Local NHS Trusts will be smoke-free while encouraging smokers who use, visit or work in the NHS to quit.

Smoke-free space is officially recognized by the government when 5% or less of the population smokes.

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According to research on wellness ‘hot spots’, only 11.3% of adults in Reading smoke, and this low rate could explain why Reading has the third highest life expectancy in the UK.

In Bracknell, however, data from Public Health England shows that there were 643 smoking-attributable hospital admissions in Bracknell Forest in 2018-19, an increase of 7% from the previous year. .

The people of Slough came in third on a disturbing list highlighting the country’s smoking habits.

Data from Public Health England reveals that 21.26% of people in the Borough of Slough were still smokers in 2018 – with only two other regions in England surpassing 147. Nationally, the number of smokers in one region is only 14.45 percent.

Despite this, we asked our Berkshire readers whether or not smoking outside should be banned.

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The majority of people said it shouldn’t be banned because “where else are smokers supposed to go?”

Many non-smokers also believe the measures are too strict and unfair.

Here is what you said:

Kelly Young: “Maybe we should all stop breathing.”

Penelope Wilson: “Yes! I hate walking past people who smoke that stinks.”

Charlie Bell said: “No I’m a non-smoker but I think it’s unfair to those who are and it’s up to them to decide if they want to. will not make people stop. It will only hurt the hospitality. industry besides because people will stay home to drink rather than going to pubs / restaurants. ”

Michelle Bradley said: “No. I don’t smoke. Looks like he’s trying to take away everyone’s rights. I think if people don’t like smoke, don’t stay around people when they’re smoking.”

Graham Robson: “Yes 100% yes in places where there are audience groups.

“Why should someone inhale your smoke?” ”

Courtney Crowther simply said, “Where else would we smoke?

Donna Desmond: “Yes. You choose to smoke, so do it in your own home. I hate walking in front of people and having my face full of smoke. The best thing they did was ban it in places. pubs, everyone complained about it back then. But everyone is used to it now. ”

Dave Draper: “There are more toxic fumes coming from our cars and power plants than there are from the lungs of smokers.

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