NHMRC grant to help pregnant women quit smoking

Professor Emeritus Robyn Richmond of UNSW Medicine & Health has been awarded $1.2 million under the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Partnership Project Program, for the BUBs Quit study which will help pregnant women quit smoking.

The BUBs Quit research team also attracted over $2,800,000 in cash and in-kind contributions for the study from BUBs Quit study partners, resulting in the study receiving a total of 4 millions of dollars.

“Smoking rates remain extremely high across Australia, particularly among high-risk pregnant women. Regrettably, government targets for smoking among pregnant women have not been met,” said Professor Richmond.

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“To address this issue, our research team co-developed the smoking cessation intervention BUBs Quit for pregnant women attending maternity wards in NSW and Queensland.”

UNSW Dean of Medicine and Health, Vlado Perkovic, congratulated Professor Richmond on the funding.

“Through the NHMRC Partnership Project, Professor Richmond will join with midwives, obstetricians, policy makers, public health practitioners, government and others who share a vision of the importance reduce smoking among pregnant women. BUBs Quit is a very important initiative and I can’t wait to see the results of the study,” said Professor Perkovic.

Professor Emeritus Robyn Richmond. Photo: UNSW.

The BUBs leave

Professor Richmond’s research team co-developed the BUBs Quit program in consultation with pregnant women and collaborating partners. It combines individual strategies that effectively help people quit smoking.

Specialized midwives will help pregnant women quit smoking using advice, nicotine replacement therapy and digital technologies such as apps and text messages.

The project team will assess the effectiveness, implementation and economic costs of the BUBs Quit program in maternity wards in NSW and Queensland. The long-term goal is to use the research findings to expand and translate the intervention into other jurisdictions.

Collaborating partners

The UNSW Medicine & Health research team consists of Professor Richmond as Principal Investigator, Professor Raghu Lingam, Associate Professor Amanda Henry and Associate Professor Tim Dobbins.

Universities collaborating in the BUBs Quit study are University of Queensland, Macquarie University, UTS, Charles Darwin University, University of Sydney, University of Western Sydney and Monash University. The NSW Department of Health is also participating in the study.

The NHMRC has awarded $14 million in funding to 12 partnership projects across Australia this year.

The Partnership Project program provides funding for researchers and partner organizations to work together to define research questions, undertake research, interpret and translate findings into health policy and practice.

NHMRC CEO, Professor Anne Kelso AO, said: “NHMRC’s partnership projects demonstrate the power of collaboration between researchers, policy makers and health service providers to ensure the right research questions are asked. and that research findings will be implemented in better health care and policy.

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