Message from the community: Remember: everyone who buys tobacco must be 21 years old

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Here is a reminder. Federal law has changed and anyone who buys tobacco must be 21 years old. The law was changed to help protect young people from an addiction that prematurely kills thousands of Americans every year. I am one of the lucky ones. I quit smoking several years ago. I realized how much smoking affected my skin, hair, and smell. I hated smelling the cigarette butt, so I QUIT!

This new law could help prevent even young people from starting out. It’s already paying dividends, according to a new study on Tobacco 21 policy. It found that tobacco exposure 21 was associated with a lower likelihood of multiple forms of tobacco use, especially among older adolescent populations. youth. This is further proof that this policy can and will save lives! It couldn’t come at a better time either, given that the 2020 National Youth Smoking Survey found that more than 2 million young people are currently using flavored e-cigarettes, with a quarter using them daily.

For this trend to change and for this law to be more effective, we need everyone to know about it and follow it. Milwaukee retailers are supporting this effort by joining the state’s Tobacco 21 media campaign. Be on the lookout for gasoline pump advertisements and outdoor signs that have a simple but important message: Now everyone who buys tobacco must be 21 years old. Additionally, the Wisconsin Wins program supports retailers by providing free training tips on how to verify ID.

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Together we can make a difference by following 21 tobacco laws and helping educate young people about the dangers of tobacco use. To learn more about the Wisconsin Wins or Tobacco 21 program, visit the Wisconsin Department of Health Services websiteFor free help quitting smoking, call 1-800-QUIT-NOW.


Angela Lawson

Co-chair of the Wisconsin African American Tobacco Prevention Network Smoke-Free Housing Subcommittee

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