Mechanics refuse to carry out MOT on dirty car filled with discarded cigarette butts


Mechanics refused to carry out a technical check on a vehicle after the interior of the car was left as is by the owner.

Paisley Autocare MOT shared two photos of the Ford car that stopped for the annual test earlier this week.

The photos show hundreds of discarded cigarette ends and rolling papers strewn on the ground.

There were also lighters and various other trash lying around the floors of the car.

When confronted with the mess in the car, the owner – who has not been named – was reportedly perplexed by their complaints.

Cigarette butts were strewn on the floors of the car

Garage bosses urged the Scots to donate their car once before sending it in for a technical check.

They captioned the Facebook photos: “All we ask when you book your MOT is that your vehicle is fairly clean inside.

“We refused to check this vehicle this week. The customer then replied “What’s wrong?” “”

Hundreds of Scots were appalled at the car’s condition, with more than two thousand sharing the post on social media.

Large amounts of garbage left in a Ford car
Scots were stunned by the mess

One wrote: “I think it would fail on infection control issues anyway.”

Another commented: “Jesus, I would be offended to take this to a garage”

A third said: “The impulsive part of me wants to clean this car, but the logical part of me wants to knock it off a cliff.”

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