Mask order cancellation returns smoking at Pennsylvania casinos



Smoking is allowed Again Pennsylvania Casino..Pennsylvania has officially resumed smoking End this universal masking sequence at Monday June 28, 12:01 am

spokesperson Pennsylvania Gaming Control Council (PGCB) Regulators Notified all casinos in Pennsylvania At that time, smoking will again be permitted on the casino floor.

Smoking at a Pennsylvania casino was suspended in June

All casinos in Pennsylvania were closed in mid-March to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Started to resume In advance june 2020.. PGCB, in cooperation with the directives on the wearing of masks in state casinos, No smoking inside It will take effect.

All PA casinos have been created Outdoor space To accommodate smokers.

Can I smoke in a casino in Pennsylvania?

Casinos may allow smoking before coronavirus shutdown 50% Square footage on the gaming floor. If the casino chooses to allow resumption of smoking, that remains the case.

Friday afternoon Dame Chance Nemacolin Tweeted their intentions Allow smoking.

Harrah’s Casino Philadelphia Also Provide for the reception of smokers.. It is safe to assume that all casinos in the state follow suit.

Can I smoke at Atlantic City Casino?

not yet.During my recent stay last week Volgata Smoking is prohibited in Atlantic City Not yet authorized.. We called to see if anything had changed on Friday afternoon, and one of the top customer service reps said:

“Not now. It’s not good now. I’m sure I’ll get it back as soon as the condition is correct.

Associations ask PAs to ban smoking

Cynthia hallett, President and CEO Americans for the rights of non-smokers, Various pens editorialAppeared in the press and contacted PGCB with a consistent message.

“”Pennsylvania is expected to join the 20 other states that ban smoking in casinos by making a temporary ban permanent. “

In May 2021 at least 1,077 American casinos and other gaming facilities To have 100% smoke-free Indoor air policy.

“People always come to play,” Hallett said. “The majority of the population does not smoke. I know there is this perception that gambling and smoking go hand in hand. But surveys show that if the casino is smoke-free, people go to the casino. I also found it to be more likely. “

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) calls the casino smoke-free “Silver liningPandemic:

Brian king Overview of the CDC’s Office of Smoking and Health:

“If all of these casinos remain smoke-free after Covid-19, in terms of protecting not only the general public who frequent these places, but also workers working more than eight hours a day in these environments. It can have an immeasurable impact (impact). “

Mask Rules at Pennsylvania Casinos

No mask If fully vaccinated When you visit a casino in Pennsylvania:

  • Pasture
  • Rivers Casino Pittsburgh
  • Forge de la Vallée Casino
  • Harrah’s Casino Philadelphia
  • Hollywood Casino
  • Parx
  • Almost Isle Downs
  • Dame Chance Nemacolin
  • Mont-Airy Casino
  • Mohegan San Pocono
  • Winds Stream Casino
  • Live! Pittsburgh Casino
  • Live! Casino Philadelphia
  • Rivers Casino Philadelphia

Main photo by Mel Evans (The Associated Press)

Mask order cancellation returns smoking at Pennsylvania casinos


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