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Two TV spots on banning smoking in restaurants and cafes will air on Vietnam Television’s VTV1, VTV2 and VTV3 channels (Photo courtesy of the Tobacco Harm Prevention Fund)

Hanoi (VNS / VNA) – The Ministry of Health’s Tobacco Harm Prevention Fund and the World Public Health Organization (Vital Strategies) launched a
communication campaign to promote the enforcement of the ban on smoking in indoor public places on August 10.

With the theme “Do you speak to protect your health and your loved ones”, the campaign will broadcast from August 10 two television spots on the ban on smoking in restaurants and cafes on Vietnamese television channels VTV1, VTV2 and VTV3. . The campaign is part of the 2021 communication program of the Tobacco Control Fund with the technical support of Vital Organization Strategies to promote the implementation of the law on the prevention of tobacco harm passed by the National Assembly in 2012 .

Through the airing of two television spots on the ban on smoking in restaurants and cafes, the campaign intends to raise awareness of the harmful effects of tobacco on smokers and those around them and call on people to strictly comply with the law on smoking. places where smoking is prohibited. .

The Director of the Medical Services Administration under the Ministry of Health, the Director of the Tobacco Harm Prevention Fund, Luong Ngoc Khue, said that building a smoke-free environment was an effective measure to implement the right of non-smokers to breathe fresh, smoke-free air. .

“Vietnam has more than 15 million adult smokers while the number of non-smokers is 75 million, five times the number of smokers. Non-smokers will not want to go to places contaminated with tobacco smoke, so I think smoke-free hotels and restaurants will be priority destinations for customers, ”Khue said.

“We also hope that through the communication campaign, restaurant and hotel owners will further recognize the law and regulations on smoke-free places and actively participate in building a safe and smoke-free environment in their area. self-interest and protecting the health of their clients and individuals. “Khue added.

Khue said that in the future, the Tobacco Harm Prevention and Control Fund will continue to support ministries, sectors, provinces and cities to promote a smoke-free environment in the community, strengthen the implementation implementing regulations on smoke-free places in workplaces, educational institutions, medical facilities, train stations, public transport and other indoor public places as prescribed by the Tobacco Harm Prevention Act.

According to the WHO, tobacco use worldwide is responsible for 8 million deaths each year (7 million due to direct smoking and 1.2 million to passive smoking). The global cost of smoking is $ 1,000 billion. In Vietnam, tobacco causes 40,000 premature deaths each year. Smoking-related expenses represent more than 31,000 billion dong per year among Vietnamese households. The cost of a number of common tobacco-related illnesses has reached over 21 trillion dong per year, according to the Tobacco Harm Prevention Fund./.


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