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“We gave them instructions to take them away, you can’t sell them,” she said. “You either have to send them back to the distributor and get them stamped, or we can sell them the stamps. We had three stores to buy us stamps and put them on. The others sent them away.

Stores can face fines or seize unstamped cigarettes under Virginia law.

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When supervisors thanked her for the update, she said she would come back when the tax generated $ 1 million.

“We’re going to keep you at that,” said Chair of Supervisors Annie Cupka.

While Supervisor Jeff Bueche said the total revenue “looks great,” he reminded colleagues that the county plans to earn about $ 1 million per quarter in cigarette tax revenue for an annual total of $ 4 million. of dollars.

“I know we’ve just started, but we’re a bit short of the overall budget for this,” Bueche said. “It concerns me. “

Six years ago, King George County earned the dubious distinction of being one of Virginia’s top two counties for out-of-state cigarette smuggling, according to retired Sheriff Steve Dempsey. At the time, the state had the second lowest excise tax in the country.

According to the Virginia State Crime Commission on Trafficking Tobacco and Organized, people would pay $ 40 to $ 45 per carton of premium cigarettes in Virginia, then cross the Potomac River Bridge in Maryland and head north, where they are. could get $ 120 to $ 150 per cartridge in New York City, according to the Virginia State Crime Commission on Trafficking Tobacco and Organized Crime.


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