Kensington’s New Fire Stations Partners with Red Cross to Distribute Free Smoke Detectors – WPXI

Kensington’s new fire stations team up with the Red Cross to distribute free smoke alarms

NEW KENSINGTON, Pa. — Signs are dotted outside the New Kensington Fire Station promoting a partnership with the Red Cross to get a free smoke detector.

“A lot of residents don’t understand the importance of the smoke detector. It’s the very first level of vigilance and they save lives,” said New Kensington Fire Chief Ed Saliba.

Saliba knows how crucial prevention is when it comes to flames and smoke moving through a home.

Two minutes makes a difference, and that’s why New Kensington is partnering with the Red Cross to distribute free smoke alarms to residents of the city.

“Our code in the town of New Kensington requires a smoke detector on each level and one in each bedroom,” Saliba said.

Fire departments in neighboring New Kensington and Arnold usually fight fires in each other’s backyards, and since March they have had two deadly blazes.

Saliba said he never heard the blaring sound of a smoke detector when they responded to a fire in March on Fourth Avenue where a woman died.

“There were no smoke detectors sounding when I arrived on the scene and I believe I was the second person on the scene. That bothers me,” Saliba added.

Firefighters and Red Cross volunteers will visit neighborhoods with a history of fire calls.

“We’re going to focus on the Parnassus section, the Mount Vernon section and what we call ‘the hill’, which is in the middle of the city.”

After the pandemic delayed the initiative for two years, the response was overwhelming.

Saliba said 73 appointments have been made so far to get a free smoke alarm — the most ever in the state.

“The $10 smoke alarm is worth its weight in platinum because it will save a life,” Saliba said.

Firefighters and Red Cross volunteers will distribute and install these smoke detectors on Saturday, by appointment and door-to-door.

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