Jersey to introduce ‘standardized’ tobacco packaging


The Jersey States Assembly has agreed to change the rules on the packaging of tobacco products.The new regulations will see EU images replaced with UK images, ensuring standardized packaging that is not promotional.Standardized packaging removes all promotional aspects of the packaging, including logos and color.Since the UK left the EU, EU health warnings and images are no longer displayed in the UK.Health Minister MP Richard Renouf told the Assembly that one in six deaths on the island is directly attributable to smoking and that branded packaging plays an important role in “encouraging people to start smoking “.Overall, he said standardized packaging aims to achieve four goals, namely:– reduce the attractiveness of tobacco products and their promotion– eliminate the effects of tobacco packaging as advertising– reduce packaging design techniques which may suggest less damage caused by some products, and– increase the visibility and effectiveness of health warningsIn 2012, Australia became the first country in the world to implement standardized packaging for tobacco products, before the UK followed suit in 2016.Guernsey approved the same change in May of this year.There will be a transition period for cigarettes and hand-roll products until July 31, 2022, when they were imported before January 1, 2022. Other tobacco products that would have complied with previous regulations , imported before July 31, 2022, can be supplied until July 31. July 2023.The new packaging will also include signage to the local Help 2 Quit smoking cessation services in Jersey and Guernsey.

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