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Smoking is addictive and can have a devastating impact on our health. A single puff of a cigarette exposes the smoker to millions of free radicals. It is able to affect almost all of your organs and somehow shorten your lifespan. According to the WHO, tobacco kills up to half of its users and more than 8 million people each year.

From cancer, heart disease, lung disease, stroke to COPD, smoking can lead to serious health problems. Even second-hand smoke can cause strokes, lung cancer and coronary heart disease in adults and sudden infant death syndrome, acute respiratory infections, severe asthma and slow lung growth in children.

Considering that the nicotine addiction that comes with smoking makes it very difficult for people to quit smoking, here are some Ayurvedic tips from an expert to help you kick this harmful habit.

Dr. Nikita Kohli, in her recent Instagram post, suggests 5 simple tips that will go a long way in helping you quit smoking naturally.

Perform Jal Neti

Inhale salt water through one nostril and release it through the other. One can use a Neti pot specially designed for this. Reverse the procedure with the other nostril. Jala Neti kriya is said to open the nostrils and reduce the urge to breathe through the mouth, which is helpful in quitting smoking. It also apparently helps with sinus infection and allergy issues caused by smoking.

Eat basil leaves

Eating 2-3 leaves every morning can reduce the harmful effects of smoking and reduce the addition.

Drinking water stored in a copper vessel

Drinking water from a copper vessel can help reduce tobacco addiction and eliminate the toxin from the body.

Consume Triphala

Consume a spoonful of Triphala every day before going to bed, to eliminate nicotine tar deposits in your system.

Eat ajwain

Taking a teaspoon of ajwain can reduce cravings, thereby reducing nicotine intake.

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