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I’m one of the many people who have to live breathing toxic second-hand smoke every day (ventilation is good, but we can’t open our windows because of second-hand smoke; and another plea to help sufferers secondhand smoke; hand smoke, both June 9).

While I agree that smokers and non-smokers should have the freedom to do whatever they want in their own homes, no matter what behavior they adopt, they should not be injurious to life and health. health of their neighbors.

If smokers choose to smoke in their own home, they should do so in the enclosed space of their home and close their windows to ensure that smoke does not escape.

They should not smoke in their open windows, on their balconies or terraces, or in shared common areas, where smoke can easily travel to neighboring apartments.

A smoker’s personal decision to smoke should be just that – personal – and their smoke should not interfere with the lives of others, especially those who do not live in their homes.

If smokers are able to keep their smoke to themselves, I think they should be allowed to smoke in their own homes.

However, given that there are so many people who suffer from second-hand smoke, it is clear that a good proportion of smokers ignore or don’t care that their actions can impact other people.

This is where the law must step in to protect the public from these selfish decisions and actions.

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