Hudson Valley smokehouse offers free joints


A tobacco store in Beacon is launching “Free Joint Friday” today and plans to give away free marijuana joints to customers aged 21 and over.

The event will take place today and next Friday between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. or while supplies last at Smokers Mecca in Beacon, located at 285 Main Street.

“We just hope people come over and say hello and get a little joint for free,” said owner Grant McCabe, who also owns The Leaf NY across Main Street in Beacon.

He pointed out that joints are real and are not synthetic cannabinoids or some other version of THC or CBD. “It’s something cool to do for our clients and the Hudson Valley. “

“This is a brilliant business initiative. Instead of spending tons on advertising, he’s handing out free weed. Word will spread, ”said Danielle Moses, a local resident, who has lived in Beacon for almost 10 years. Is she going today? “If I can get there between 3 and 6 without the kids, you bet.”

While New York State legalized the recreational use of marijuana by adults with the passage of the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act this year, it is still illegal to sell weed to people. customers here. The loophole: Residents can own up to three ounces of cannabis. While experts say there is nothing in the new pot law that specifically prohibits offer weed to adults, they say things could get risky with the state’s Cannabis Control Board.

McCabe said he bought the marijuana in Massachusetts, where cannabis sales are legal. Several people in his Beacon store will have three ounces of cannabis with them to donate.

“What we’re doing is legal,” McCabe said. “By default my attorney said I’m an idiot, but in the same vein he said, ‘You are a genius. “”

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Once the infrastructure is in place to legally sell marijuana in New York City, McCabe said all systems will be installed at The Leaf NY site.

“We knew it would eventually be legalized, and we built our backend infrastructure to be ready for it,” said McCabe, who is working with his lawyers in preparation.

The mecca of smokers, meanwhile, is navigating its future. “The state has banned all flavors of vape, so we’ve lost a lot of revenue at Smokers Mecca,” McCabe said. “We made it a bit more of a smokehouse.”

McCabe said he hopes the Free Joint Fridays will bring more attention to the store and see how that goes before committing to next month as well.

“I don’t want to disturb the city… I have to be courteous to my neighbors,” McCabe said.

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