Health advocates alarmed by cigar lounge exemption in Alberta tobacco legislation


EDMONTON – Tobacco control advocates in Alberta want the province to overturn legislation that would allow cigar rooms to operate.

At the end of July, an amendment to the Tobacco Reduction Act will come into force.

The province says the amendment will harmonize smoking, vaping and cannabis rules across the province.

Les Hagen, executive director of Action on Smoking and Health, says this is progressive policy, but an exemption allowing cigar rooms sets Alberta back.

“It came out of left field and it’s disturbing,” Hagen said. “Alberta should continue to lead the way in reducing smoking, improving the health of Albertans and improving health outcomes.

The exemption was passed as part of an executive order that was approved by Cabinet on June 23 and allows cigar lounges to operate as long as they prohibit food, drink and cleaning services during its working hours. ‘opening.

Living rooms should have walls completely separating areas for smoking cigars, self-closing doors, and separate ventilation to ensure no smoke enters the building.

Steve Buick, press secretary to the Minister of Health, told CTV News Edmonton that the legislation prioritizes reducing smoking and vaping rates among children.

No minors would be allowed in cigar rooms.

Buick adds that municipalities also have the power to impose their own rules regarding cigar rooms.

Edmonton bylaw currently prohibits smoking in any indoor space open to the public.

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