Great grills: tips for the best barbecue possible


“The whole science behind cooking anything on a barbecue with your heat source at the bottom is that the water goes up, the fat goes down,” Steiner says. “You want to keep those two components rotating inside the meat.”

This will lead to a juicier and tastier burger, he says.

Steiner says the steak also needs to be turned often and says to use the tactile method.

“Take your hand and touch your finger, your index finger, your thumb and feel this muscle (the base of your thumb) on your hand. It’s a little soft and as I touch the next finger it gets harder and firmer and firmer. Well done. So when you smell that steak with your finger and you feel that back pressure, start thinking about getting ready to eat.

Steiner adds that today’s barbecues are getting better and better, allowing even a novice grill to get it right.

And for smokers, Steiner says it comes down to trial and error.

“Today’s smokers, barbecue combo smokers, it’s an art form in itself,” he says. “Being on the verge of working with time and temperature and getting the right flavor with the right amount of smoke is important.

More barbecue tips

  • Thicker steaks need a lower temperature but still need to be turned often
  • The longer and slower it takes to thaw the meat, the better. In a sink filled with cold water or in the refrigerator is better
  • Steaks should be completely thawed before grilling; burgers should be semi-frozen.

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