Federal government continues quest to make quitting more difficult for smokers


Nicotine strength limits and flavor restrictions are a double whammy for Canadian vapers and smokers

MONTREAL, June 23, 2021 / CNW Telbec / – Last week the government of Canada announced a ban on the sale of flavored vaping products, this week continued its campaign to limit reduced risks of nicotine * for vapers and smokers by announcing changes to vaping regulations that will limit the concentration of nicotine in vaping products Canada.

“It is nothing more than punitive and excessive regulations. Steam-based products have played an important role in recent years in reducing smoking rates in cities. Canada. We should maintain the level of choice, not limit the choice, ”said Eric Gagnon Vice-President, Corporate and Regulatory Affairs for Imperial Tobacco Canada. “It is as if the government of Canada tries to deter smokers from switching to vaping and encourage vapers to start smoking. It is truly mind-boggling. “

Vaping is recognized as a less harmful alternative to smoking by many credible health groups, including Health Canada1, Public Health England2, and Public Health France3, and one of the most effective tools to help people who want to quit smoking4.

For vaping products to reach their full harm reduction potential, it is imperative that consumers have access to different flavors, as most want to move away from the taste of tobacco.5. In addition, there is a segment of consumers who want products that are high in nicotine. Smokers often start with products that have a higher level of nicotine and over time reduce the level. In jurisdictions that have already introduced severe restrictions, such as New Scotland, data suggests that cigarette sales have increased6.

“The reality is that many smokers are looking for an alternative to smoking that reduces harm and satisfies them, and flavor and nicotine levels play an important role,” said Gagnon. “Isn’t it the government’s duty to provide a reduced risk product that meets these needs so that these consumers do not start smoking again?” “

Canada has announced that it wants to reduce the prevalence of smoking to less than 5% by 2035. Yet he goes to great lengths to prevent vapor products from reaching their full potential by helping smokers switch to a less alternative risky. Limiting the choice of smokers and vapers will only push consumers towards cigarettes.

These regulations were put in place under the pretext of reducing vaping levels among young people. Our position is clear: young people should not vape or smoke, period. Imperial Tobacco Canada recognizes that some young people vape and need to be addressed. However, many anti-tobacco health lobby groups have used the current situation to advance their anti-smoking agenda and call for excessive and inappropriate regulation of vaping.

“Many activists are using the argument of vaping among young people to advance their moralizing agenda on tobacco and nicotine, which will do nothing to curb the consumption of young people,” said Mr. Gagnon. “We all agree that young people should not vape or smoke. But let’s talk science, facts and evidence. Let’s have a balanced and rational debate. We are discouraged by these restrictions which will only serve to further penalize adult consumers seeking to ‘a safer way to consume nicotine. “

SOURCE Imperial Tobacco Canada

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