EU cancer plan draft report leaves many disappointed


Posted on June 25, rough draft on Beating Cancer does not recognize the potential of vaping in combating smoking-induced cancer. World Vapers Association (WVA) director Michael Landl said the document is an improvement on the European Commission’s plan, which leaves the door open for flavor bans and higher taxes, but ignoring the potential of vaping products always misses the mark. .

“Members of the European Parliament took the time to listen to the vapers and their stories, as well as the wealth of evidence presented by the experts. Vaping could save an additional 19 million lives in Europe if the right policies are put in place, ”Landl said.

“But Parliament has yet to fully support vaping as a tool to help smokers quit. It is essential that vapers continue to tell their stories and make sure their representatives understand how vaping has helped them improve their lives, ”he added.

Fortunately, the EP report does not put vaping in the same category as tobacco cigarettes, but given the imminent revision of the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) and the European Commission proposals to regulate tobacco products. electronic cigarettes like tobacco, “vapers have to raise their voices even louder,” Landl said.

The UK’s Progressive Position

In contrast, in the UK, electronic cigarettes are officially recognized and recommended as smoking cessation tools by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). The nice directives on stopping smoking indicates the following:

  • “E-cigarettes containing nicotine can help people quit smoking and are just as effective as other quitting options” and
  • “People should be able to use e-cigarettes as one of the many options to support smoking cessation, if they want to. “

The UK has been a leader in approving the use of safer alternatives to reduce the harms of tobacco, and local smoking rates reflect this. “The UK is once again leading the world by example on how to effectively and pragmatically help smokers quit. UK authorities are following the evidence and backing a tool that actually works. They help smokers switch to vaping, ”Landl said of the guidelines.

ETHRA EU Nicotine Users Survey Report

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