Due to unknown chemicals … Be careful with the use of electronic cigarettes

Explained a recent study conducted by a team from Johns Hopkins University. Electronic cigarettes contain nearly two thousand chemicals that are unknown and not declared by manufacturers, including industrial chemicals.

Infoslos, a Spanish medical news site, said it was the first study to use advanced chemical fingerprinting technology. It identifies chemicals used in food and wastewater.

The results, published in the journal Chemical Research in Toxicology, confirm the findings. E-cigarette smokers use a substance whose health risks have not yet been fully identified. They can be exposed to chemicals that have devastating health effects. According to his diary.

“Current research comparing electronic cigarettes to regular cigarettes has found that electronic cigarettes contain significantly lower levels of pollution,” said Carsten Brass, associate professor at Johns Hopkins University and lead author of the study. The problem is that the aerosols that come from these cigarettes contain chemicals that can cause health risks.

“When smoking electronic cigarettes, people should be aware that they are inhaling a very complex chemical compound,” Brass warned. They contain a lot of compounds and we don’t know what they really are.

Current research is focused on the full range of materials used in e-cigarette liquids and the vapors they emit.

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