Donald Trump’s dumbest fan thinks smoking generic cigarettes makes you immune to COVID / LGBTQ Nation

The Good Liars interviews one of Donald Trump’s biggest – and dumbest – fans.Photo: Screenshot

Political satirists known as The Good Liars traveled to Donald Trump’s rally in Texas this weekend and met the man who might be the former president’s dumbest supporter.

He’s a vaccine “villain” and has some pretty unusual beliefs about how to protect yourself during the pandemic caused by a virus that attacks the respiratory system. He’s safe, he says, because he smokes generic cigarettes.

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Jason Selvig spoke to the unnamed man who wore a T-shirt that read “unvaxxed villain.”

“Is that how you spell naughty?” Selvig asked the man.

“No,” admits the man. “AIN. VILLAIN.”

“I grabbed the wrong graphic when I sent it to the t-shirt store to make a prototype,” he explained.

“But were you still wearing it today?” Selvig asked.

“Yeah!” proclaimed the man.

The man went on to explain that he had not been vaccinated because he had type O negative blood and smoked cigarettes.

“There were studies that came out of France – nicotine users tend not to be sensitive to things,” he said.

“So nicotine users are not sensitive to things. Lung cancer might be one of the exceptions,” Selvig countered.

“Well, I don’t smoke any of the brand name stuff,” the idiot replied.

In fact, smokers are at a higher risk of death from COVID than non-smokers.

In a video shown on MSNBC, Selvig also interviews a woman who admits that even if she counted all the votes cast in the presidential election herself, she still wouldn’t believe Trump lost the election.

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