DJ has his deck dumped in the smoking area after destroying another banger with his dumb remix – The Betoota Advocate

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A local DJ got a bit of mob justice over the weekend, which onlookers called “completely deserved”.

It is alleged that the incident happened at the ‘Galaxy Bar’ around 1.30am on Saturday night and involved at least several members of the public, although no one told police exactly who was involved.

The DJ in question, ‘Dr. Small Hands Reports was pretty shaken up by the incident and reportedly sued the club for negligence as their entire deck was thrown into the smoking area, resulting in thousands of dollars in damages.

Although Dr. Small Hands believes the abuse was totally undeserved, a number of clients veiled themselves to the lawyer that he was, I quote “fuck to ask”, after destroying several bangers with his dumb remixes – and what’s worse is that he was doing it right after before the beat dropped.

Speaking to a few people at the scene, our reporter learns that his deck was immediately seized when he screwed up ‘Gimme! Give me ! Give it to me!” – which is quite understandable.

“He’s been doing this all night, the fucking sick thing,” said one frustrated customer, “I don’t know if he honestly thought it was okay or if he got a chill out of it.”

“Surprised it wasn’t decorated.”

The DJ refused to answer the lawyer but it is said that he gave his opinion at the bar and instead offered his services to RSL and baby boomer weddings.

More soon.

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