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Welcome to CT Eats! This year, our culinary column exploring the best restaurants in Rochester will be shared between our editor, Ethan Busch junior, and our editor, Hailie Higgins senior. Busch and Higgins will swap the title of Columnist every two weeks and meet once a month to write a joint review of this week’s seal for our print edition.

The first stop this year is Bubby’s BBQ on South Avenue, just past Alexander Street.

Before testing the taste, The Campus Times spoke with co-owners Demetrius Washington-Ellison and Terrell McClean on Saturday to talk about Bubby’s birth.

The two founded the location of brick and mortar during the COVID-19 shutdown in early 2020, but Bubby’s concept was broadcast on social media in 2019. McClean, the senior chef, had started doing so barbecuing as a hobby, selling cardboard plates of smoked meats. from his garden smoker a few years ago. As the news spread, he began to upgrade his equipment and get involved with pop-ups at other businesses in the city.

Washington-Ellison and McClean met at such an event in the summer of 2020 in Viticulture, a nearby wine bar with which Washington-Ellison was involved at the time.

“The first pop-up was Ribs and Rose,” Washington-Ellison said. “It was awesome, it was absolutely amazing. The second time it was Brisket and Bordeaux. When I got it the second time around, I was like ‘I have to talk to this guy!’ [McClean] liked the idea, he could see the vision of the smoker on the patio […] It made sense, so we thought about it and made it happen. “

McClean to his smoker.

The smoker on the patio was a great choice, as that’s what got us through their doors. Heading down south, you pass their huge machine right next to the restaurant, giving off delicious aromas all day long. The smell attracts you and the food sustains it.

The menu is pretty straightforward: they currently have their meats, sides, two sandwiches, and a few bottled drinks all written on the side of the wall. In the interest of seasonal cuisine, the menu will soon change for the fall. While they don’t plan on removing barbecue staples like pulled pork, ribs, brisket, and cornbread, the two hope to bring back their wings in time for football season, as well as their sandwich. with fried chicken, the Fly Bird.

We had a half rack of rib ($ 15) and a half pound of brisket ($ 14), with cornbread ($ 2) and mac and cheese ($ 6) on the side. It was all amazing.

The ribs were dipped in a fantastic barbecue sauce full of flavor, depth and almost as much delicious smoke as the meat itself. The meat was just the right amount of strain where it pulled away from the bone, but didn’t fall off on its own. The cornbread was chewy, delicious, and a sweet (but not too sweet) reminder of how good a cornbread side is. The mac and cheese was accompanied by chunks of bacon and fresh green onions, providing much needed texture and spiciness for an incredibly creamy dish that was interesting enough to eat on its own, but simple enough to uplift the game of the main attraction. fleshy.

Our only complaint was with the breast, which seemed small pushed into a container half the size of the ribs. But half a pound is half a pound, and hopefully it’s been measured. We were only sad because we wanted to eat more of it.

So how do you put so much oomph in your meat? You start cooking at 4 a.m., which McClean does every day the restaurant is open. That way the food is ready the moment they open at 2.

At the moment, they’re only open Friday through Sunday, 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., but they usually close a little earlier. Following a traditional barbecue platform, they cook as much as they can in the morning, and when it’s gone, it’s gone. This usually happens between six and seven, so we recommend going for an early dinner as soon as possible.

Fancy a late night bite? Do not worry! Both have plans to expand both their location and their hours eventually.

Bubby’s barbecue showcase.

“Right now we’re a small business, a very small business,” said McClean. “And like many other restaurants, which have been affected recently by the hiring of staff, we are in the same situation. So we’re all wearing different hats right now. His mom was amazing, my wife backstage was amazing, we got Ronnie [another chef] back it was amazing.

Barbecuing is rarely cheap, but in this case it is well worth the price. If you want to go in person, the Orange Line has a stop at South and Alexander, right outside the Bubby gates. You can also find them on Grubhub and Doordash.

“Come and eat good food, come and get good ribs. You have the Bubby – [if] they want a good hangover sandwich, it’s the perfect sandwich, ”McClean said with a laugh. “Tell them: Every Sunday come and get the Bubby.”

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