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Memorial Day is often seen as an informal kickoff to barbecue and smoking season. For the rest of the summer, the smell of smoked food probably fills the neighborhood every night.

This year, consider not only flipping the same old burger, dog, or steak, but also creating a different aroma with a slowly cooked brisket. For advice on this job, we spoke with Michael Hudgins, owner of Gold Tooth Annie’s, a mobile smoked meat safe canteen, and Steven Raichlen, cookbook author and dean of BBQ U.

According to Hudgins, the goal is to achieve a smoky, soft and moist breast. To get a nice smoky flavor, “buy a grill that can use wood chips,” he says. “Then soak them in water. When the water in the chips becomes hot, it emits smoke vapor. “

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When it comes to choosing between wood stoves and pellets, he says he’s a “stickman.”

“When it comes to smokers, I’m a completely old school,” he said. “I have always used stick smokers, but I firmly believe that the good flavor of the smoke comes from using the real thing.”

Michael Hudgins, owner of Gold Tooth Annie’s, puts raw beef brisket on the grill.

It has two commercial smokers with swivel shelves, smoked with split oak logs to keep the wood temperature constant. He renews the oak every two weeks.

“I’m going to order from Texas or Missouri,” he said. “It’s not cheap. The code costs around $ 800. But I like oak because it gives the meat a milder smoky flavor. Texas uses a lot of mesquite wood, but for meat the smoky flavor gets stronger. “

It does not knock on the pellet smoking grates.

“Pellet smokers have definitely established themselves in the industry, but they’re not for me at this point,” he said. “I grew up with my father, who still uses logs to suck on meat.”

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When it comes to meat, Hajins buys dozens of carefully selected beef briskets at Sam’s Club.

“It’s usually between £ 12 and £ 16,” says Hudgins. “The whole chest has two muscles. The wider end is called the flat and is the thinnest section. The other end of the triangle is known as the point. It contains a little internal crossbreeding. Because it’s sweeter and in addition to the sweetness that fat provides, it also adds flavor.

052621-food-memorialdaybbq 03.JPG

Michael Hudgins, owner of Gold Tooth Annie’s, slices the brisket on the grill.

He recommends patience when moving trees. This is because it takes about an hour for the temperature of the smoker to reach about 225 degrees. Hudgins uses this time to make a spice blend and prepare other meats to cook along with the brisket.

When its fire is at the right temperature, dab the seasoning to make sure all surfaces are covered. The seasoning is simple.

Likelen agreed with a simple rub: “Sprinkle with coarse sea salt, cracked black pepper, red pepper flakes to warm up. I season the chest with heavy hands. Salty crust seasoned with salt and spices. I want. “

Place the breast on the smoker as soon as Hudgins types in the seasoning.

“As soon as it’s seasoned, I put the brisket on the grill,” he says. “Some people like to put it in the fridge overnight or apply mustard. I like to keep the outside of the meat dry. “

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Plan to take about an hour per pound to cook well. It uses a digital thermometer to check the internal temperature. When the temperature reaches 175-180 degrees, wrap the breast in foil and continue cooking until the internal temperature of the meat reaches 200-205 degrees.

052621-food-memorialdaybbq 04.JPG

Michael Hudgins, owner of Gold Tooth Annie’s, breaks firewood and smokes cow breast. (Photo: Jerilee Bennett, The Gazette

When Hudgins is ready to cut the breast, he checks the slices of the thin part of the breast to see the winning quality of moisture, smoothness and juiciness. He then cuts the entire breast into quarters, wraps them in foil and puts them in a heat-retaining oven. When ordering, slice both flat and medium so customers can enjoy both lean and fat.

What spoils smoked brisket?

“It heats up too much, controls the fire and the internal temperature of the meat gets too high,” says Hajins.

Raichlen’s blog, Beef Brisket Made Easy, recommends using Grassfed Brisket from Strauss Brands, Wisconsin. Then leave the points and go to the £ 12 ‘packer’.

“It’s a good size. It has enough fat to feed 10-12 servings of leftovers and keep the breast moist for long periods of time, ”Raichlen wrote.

To keep the meat moist, Reichlen puts water in a saucepan in a smoker and lightly sprays the brisket with white vinegar in a spray bottle every hour. It wraps the breast in unlined pink butcher paper and rests after cooking.

“The advantage of butcher’s paper over aluminum foil is that it breathes and keeps the flesh moist, but it doesn’t flood the bark (the rind),” he says.

Raichlen adds that the tactile sensation is the best way to determine how well a brisket has roasted. Put on insulated gloves and touch the chest. Do you feel soft and zigzag? Is it easy to deworm your fingers between the tip and the dish? Is the meat so tender that you can fit it through the handle of a wooden spoon without too much resistance? This is what you are looking for.

By the way, do you want to make gravy or not?

“I like to eat brisket without sauce,” said Hudgens. “But I make the sauce and always order it separately. If the brisket is perfectly smoked, I don’t want to spoil the good flavor with the sauce.

Last word: Keep the juice accumulated in the foil or butcher’s paper used to wrap the breast to spoon it over the breast in slices.

“Bread juice is liquid gold,” says Hudgins. “If I can find a way to sell it, I will.”

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Colorado Springs Meat Smokers and Celebrity BBQ Experts Give Perfect Breast Breast Advice | Way of life

Colorado Springs Meat Smokers and Celebrity BBQ Experts Give Perfect Breast Breast Advice | Way of life

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