Cigarette Tar Filter Reviews – True Maximum Tar Filtration and Smooth Airflow?

Millions of Americans smoke cigarettes every day; some smokers can smoke up to a pack of 20 cigarettes a day. Cigarettes contain nicotine, a powerful stimulant that is highly addictive and can cause multiple negative side effects. Each time a cigarette is lit and smoked, it can potentially increase the risk of developing cancer, lung and respiratory problems, among other problems.

ANTI TAR® is a revolutionary cigarette filter that claims to be able to filter out tar and over 7000 toxins to prevent the smoker from inhaling them. Thus, cigarette filters can protect the lungs from tar, minimize coughing, and alleviate sore throats from cigarettes, among other benefits.

How does a cigarette tar filter work? Can ANTI TAR® be beneficial for cigarette smokers? Keep reading to learn more about ANTI TAR®.


ANTI TAR® is a unique filter tip promising to give smokers multiple benefits while reducing the harmful effects of smoking. The creator markets cigarette filters to smokers looking for a product that can counteract the harmful effects of tobacco. It can reduce the side effects of smoking, including coughing and difficulty breathing.

Each cigarette features a first-generation filter to reduce toxins absorbed after each puff. Some American cigarette companies have since upgraded and used second-generation filtration systems to improve smoking safety and minimize the harmful effects of smoking. ANTI TAR® is advertised as having a third generation filtration system (AT470), an improvement over the previous second generation filtration system (AT300).

Its triple filtration system includes three layers to filter cigarette smoke before entering the lungs and is said to be compatible with various brands and sizes of cigarettes.

The Science Behind the ANTI TAR® Cigarette Filtration System

The ANTI TAR® AT470 filtration system has three layers: cotton, microporous filter and nanobeads. All three filters work to remove various toxins and harmful chemicals during smoking.

The cigarette filter is attached to the mouthpiece of the cigar or cigarette. After placing the product on the filter end of the cigarette, light it and inhale through the AntiTar filter. The product uses a “Venturi principle” to filter over 7,000 toxins as they pass through the various filter layers to your mouth. Thus, users inhale purified smoke with minimal toxins.

ANTI TAR® promises users that they breathe cleaner smoke instead of tar. However, the manufacturers do not claim that the product can remove all traces of tar. Likewise, there is no guarantee that Anti Tar can reduce the risk of developing smoking-related health problems. Nevertheless, the developer insists that their cigarette filters can allow smooth, clean air to enter your lungs while you smoke.

The ANTI TAR® filtration system does not alter the taste of the cigarette. It can help reduce cigarette addiction. Moreover, it allows users to enjoy an occasional puff without inhaling several toxins and nicotine.

Each ANTI TAR® cigarette filter can filter 5-6 cigarettes before it is necessary to change the filter after noticing brown discoloration, an indicator of tar buildup and other pollutants trapped inside the filter. Each container of AntiTar cigarette filters will filter 250-300 cigarettes.

How ANTI TAR® supports health

The creators of ANTI TAR® claim that the product was primarily designed to optimize airflow and filter out toxins.

Tar filtering – ANTI TAR® uses three filters to reduce tar levels in cigarette smoke. The company states that the product can help users quit smoking as it reduces nicotine levels in every puff. It is marketed to people who suffer from cough and phlegm buildup due to smoking.

Air flow – ANTI TAR® can still make smoking a pleasant experience. It improves cigarette grip and increases airflow.

The AntiTar filters, according to the company, will fit regular, king-size, large and small home-rolled cigarettes, slims and super slims.

How ANTI TAR® filters work

ANTI TAR® features a state-of-the-art AT470 filtration system that can remove up to 7000 toxins from each puff while optimizing airflow. The smoke passes through three levels of filtration, lowering nicotine and tar levels. Third generation filters include:

  • High fiber cotton: cotton purportedly traps fine particles of cigarette smoke
  • Microporous filter: filters out the smallest toxin particles in cigarette smoke, such as nicotine and tar.
  • Nano beads: The nano-silver ions contained in the pearls absorb the harmful elements of the cigarette, such as the liquefied toxic compounds.

ANTI TAR® Features and Benefits


The official ANTI TAR® website states that its advanced filtration system is unique because its filters are more efficient and won’t ruin the smoking experience of smokers. Some of the key features include:

Triple filtration system – Each filter features the latest technology to ensure it captures many toxins in cigarette smoke.

Lab tested food grade plastic – ANTI TAR® is claimed to be made from safe food grade plastic from Polyethylene Plastic (PE) + Polystyrene Plastic (PS) + Silica Gel (Food Grade). which will not cause any health problems. Each filter has a smooth edge liner, which adds comfort when smoking.

wide mouth vent – The cigarette filter has a rectangular opening that allows smooth airflow. Likewise, it comes with an anti-slip feature that provides the user with a better grip while smoking and promises smooth suction with better airflow.

Reduces the amounts of tar – ANTI TAR® does not claim to be able to remove all tar particles. However, it can reduce the amount of tar one breathes in while smoking and can protect the lungs and others around you from tar-related health problems like cancer.

Maintains the taste of the cigarette – The triple filtration system does not alter the taste of the cigarette. However, it can prevent up to 90% of tar and other contaminants from entering the respiratory system.

Help to quit smoking – The makers of ANTI TAR® claim that the product can reduce the amount of nicotine entering the body. Thus, it may be the best choice for users looking to quit smoking.

Reduce coughing and breathing problems – Regular smokers have difficulty breathing and chronic bouts of coughing. ANTI TAR® can supposedly reduce coughing and develop better air circulation during smoking.

ANTI TAR® Pricing

Customers can buy ANTI TAR® filters only through the official website. Each container of AntiTar contains 50 cigarette filters; the company offers four packages depending on the needs and budget of the customers. Still, the manufacturer recommends buying in bulk to get amazing discounts and free shipping. Plus, every ANTI TAR® purchase is backed by a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. The prices are as follows:

  • A container of 50 filters $37.00 each + 5 free slim size converters and free shipping in the US
  • Three containers of 150 filters $29.00 each + free filter carrying case, and 10 slim size converters and free shipping in the US
  • Six containers of 300 filters $24.00 each + two free carrying cases, 30 slim size converters and free shipping in the US

ANTI TAR® Refund Policy

The makers of Anti Tar take pride in their products. So every unit comes with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. Customers can reach Company Customer Service by emailing:

Last word

ANTI TAR® is a third generation cigarette filter that can reduce the tar content in every puff. The innovative tar filter is designed to improve airflow, reduce the amounts of toxins in smoke, and can combat nicotine addiction. Likewise, ANTI TAR® can also reduce nicotine discoloration of the fingers from holding a cigar or cigarette. It is compatible with most cigarette sizes. ANTI TAR® is available through the official website at reasonable prices.



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