Children and third-hand smoke | WJMN

CINCINNATI, Ohio. (Ivanhoe Newswire) – Smoking among American adults has reached an all-time high, according to the CDC. Experts say this is the good news. Yet about 14% of all adults light up. That’s about 34 million people over the age of 18. Today, recently published research shows how severe exposure to tobacco smoke in adults has on children’s health and the health care system.

For decades, health experts have warned of the dangers of smoking. As the number of adults lit has declined, experts say about four in ten children are exposed to second-hand and even third-hand smoke.

Ashley Merianos, Ph.D., a health services researcher at the University of Cincinnati, told Ivanhoe, “Second-hand smoke occurs when you inhale cigarette smoke from a lit tobacco product. And third-hand smoke is the residue that stays in the environment long after you stop smoking.

Merianos said that when children inhale, swallow or touch objects containing secondhand smoke, they are at a higher risk of asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia. Merianos and his colleagues found that children exposed to smoke were almost twice as likely to be admitted to hospital over a one-year period. And higher rates of emergency room visits all come at a cost.

“We found that children exposed to tobacco smoke were on average almost $ 120 more per pediatric emergency room visit compared to unexposed children who do not live with a smoker,” Merianos detailed.

Merianos said the research also suggests the need for additional smoke exposure intervention programs that ensure adults who wish to quit smoking are supported. She said for every 100 adults who try to quit, only seven are successful. Merianos also said it was important that they have the resources to rid their homes of secondhand smoke residue.

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