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A mom from Canberra said she and other parents felt “powerless” to tackle the rise of teen vaping after her young son was allegedly approached about vaping liquids. It comes after a number of ACT schools – including St Mary MacKillop College, Orana Steiner School and Merici College – told the Canberra Times that they had recorded an increase in incidents of student vaping. MacKillop College recently suspended a group of eighth-grade students as part of a redress process after they were arrested in an incident. Celine Oudin, whose 13-year-old son attends Telopea Park School, said her son reported to her that a senior student approached him about vaping liquids earlier this year. “I was surprised because my son is quite young and wouldn’t be a potential person with vaping liquid,” she said. “Right now he’s totally against it.” Ms. Oudin, who is also part of the P & amp; C from school, said there didn’t seem to be a coherent strategy to tackle vaping because it hadn’t been around as long as other health issues such as smoking. “Parents are really the main people responsible, but some feel helpless about it,” she said. “Some do their best because you can’t expect the school to do everything.” Schools have to put in place rules, of course, to say it’s unacceptable, but they can’t act if a child does. outside of school. “Ms. Oudin said that she used to smoke and that her way of becoming a positive role model for her son was to show the negative effects of smoking.” He can see how difficult it was for me to quit smoking and that’s the lesson he needs to learn from, “she says.” You have immediate pleasure, but in the long run you become it. the slave. “That’s what I’m trying to get him to see.” Ms. Oudin said the best way to deal with the situation with adolescents is to encourage open dialogue. “We can’t change our teens, so it’s best to discuss it,” she said. “They have to deal with a lot of things. As they get older they learn to control their emotions and take on more responsibility.” I also try to remember the way I used to look at the world as a teenager and put myself in their “I wouldn’t pretend that’s the right advice for everyone, but it’s what I think. be good to me. ” In Australia, between 2016 and 2019, e-cigarette users aged 15 to 24 increased by around 72,000 (95.7% increase) to a total of around 147,000, the Department of Health said. Health in December 2020. RELATED La Telopea Park School P & amp; C held a meeting on May 5 to discuss the territory-wide concerns about vaping. The school informed the group of parents that they had the same approach to this behavior as with cigarettes, drugs and alcohol. If students are caught vaping, their parents are notified. In case of recovery, the school organizes a meeting with the students and their parents to discuss the problem. The school has also included vaping as a topic in its health classes for high school students. “As far as we can know, this is a problem in all schools and the same challenges as cigarettes with the added inability to smell the telltale smell of nicotine,” Ms. Oudin said. A 12th grade student from Narrabundah College, who did not want to be named, said students were vaping on school grounds and even in the classroom. “If your friend or someone next to you was vaping you, you would take it because of peer pressure,” they said. The student said it was very cheap and easy to buy vapes from other students or strangers on the Snapchat social media platform. While the graphic images on cigarette packaging deter some teens from smoking, the colorful vapes are considered cool and harmless, the student said. They also said students were asked to smoke or vape outside of school and suspensions were granted for smoking or vaping on campus, but that did not deter teens from using sweet tasting vapes. “Some people just don’t really see the consequences,” the student said.




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