Canadian Vaping Association: Independent review of UK SmokeFree 2030 policies recommends increased government promotion of vaping

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BEAMSVILLE, Ont., June 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Khan Reviewan independent review of the UK’s tobacco policies in 2030 identified four key recommendations, which Dr Khan calls “must do”, for the country to reach its 2030 smoke-free target. vaping.

“The government needs to embrace vaping promotion as an effective tool to help people quit smoking. We know vapes aren’t a “quick fix” and aren’t completely risk-free, but the alternative is far worse.

Content of the article

“Well over 90% of UK vapers are current or ex-smoker adults, and the proportion of those who have completely quit smoking continues to rise. In England, vaping is relatively common among young current and former smokers, while older smokers are less likely to vape or have tried vaping.Given the effectiveness of vaping in smoking cessation, this suggests a missed opportunity to help smokers in their 30s and older to quit smoking,” Khan wrote.

“Many of the recommendations made by Dr. Khan apply to Canada and our efforts to achieve a smoke-free society by 2035. Currently, only a fraction of Canadians know that vaping is significantly less harmful than smoking. To achieve widespread adoption by adult smokers, government must provide accurate and consistent information about vaping, and regulation must ensure that vaping products remain more appealing than smoking,” said Darryl Tempest, Government Relations Advisor to the CVA Board of Directors.

The federal budget proposed an excise tax on vaping liquids that, if implemented at the current rate, will predictably result in some vapers returning to smoking and an increase in illicit sales. Interestingly, as part of Dr Khan’s recommendations, he states that the UK government should “reduce VAT on vaping devices in line with other nicotine products. Most people vape to quit smoking and to help them stay smoke free. This will give people an extra incentive to change. »

Tobacco use continues to afflict the most disadvantaged in society, with significantly higher smoking rates among minority groups, people with mental disorders and people living in poverty. Canada should take note of Dr. Khan’s recommendations and do more to reduce smoking prevalence and inequalities in tobacco use.

Darryl Storm
Government Relations Advisor to the CVA Board of Directors
[email protected]

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