Australia’s first tgo 110 nicotine vape product, Wild by instinct, now available by prescription


SYDNEY AUSTRALIA (October 5, 2021) – WILD by Instinct is proud to launch its line of tobacco harm reduction products to the Australian market to help smokers quit.

WILD’s Electronic Nicotine Inhalation System, with pre-filled, sealed and accurate dosing of nicotine pods, is now available for distribution in Australia through the Prescription Vape online pharmacy platform and select pharmacists.


  • WILD by Instinct Launches Line of Tobacco Harm Reduction Products in Australia

  • WILD’s state-of-the-art vape product aims to help smokers adopt a tobacco-free, addictive lifestyle

  • Liquids are rigorously tested to ensure they exceed Australian Government standards

  • WILD Joins Transparent Prescription Vape Online Platform, Helping Australians Comply With New Vaping Laws

WILD by Instinct has a simple goal: to support a Tobacco Free Tomorrow.

As a technology-driven vape product, WILD by Instinct is an electronic vaporizer like no other – designed to be convenient, easy to use, and provides adult smokers with a tool to curb their habit, along with quality, satisfaction and the consistency of an electronic nicotine delivery system.

Director of Operations Wayne Jones said, “Our mission is to define a path to wellness for adults, and the first step for a smoker is to quit combustible cigarettes! Our WILD by Instinct products provide an exceptional nicotine experience designed for adult smokers looking for an alternative to smoking. Wild is an easy, pre-measured and precise dosage of nicotine in a basic closed-pod system ”.

Product Manager Paul Gerza added, “Our nicotine-containing e-liquid formulation is made in the USA with pharmaceutical grade nicotine, making innovative vapor technology a truly satisfying alternative to cigarettes. . We designed the first closed-end sub-ohm pod system on the market, dramatically reducing emissions every time someone uses a WILD product. The lower the emissions, the less toxicity to the end user.

From Fields Australia, the makers of WILD by Instinct take the quality of their products seriously. Designed with cutting edge technology, all ingredients are constructed at a molecular level to ensure product purity, which exceeds Australian TGA standards. WILD by Instinct Liquid Pods are subjected to rigorous independent testing throughout the development and production process to ensure the highest quality.

Managing Director Matthew Landau said: “Our plan is to make WILD by Instinct available at as many pharmacies in Australia, and as a one-stop-shop with free prescription, virtual health consultation and express delivery via Prescription Vape. Access to smokers is essential to ensure that they do not return to cigarettes, which are widely available in grocery stores, tobacconists and convenience stores ”.

Chris Henville, CEO of Prescription Vape said: “We are delighted to have WILD by Instinct as a partner on our Prescription Vape platform. Not only are their products made with the highest quality, but they are very much aligned with us in trying to provide better health outcomes for smokers on their smoking cessation journey.

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