Arkansas Ranks Among Worst In Nation For New Lung Cancer Cases, Study Finds

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The American Lung Association released its annual state of lung cancer report, which found Arkansas ranks among the worst states in the country for new cases of the disease.

According to data from the 2021 report, the rate of new lung cancer cases in Arkansas is 76.9 per 100,000, which is significantly higher than the national rate of 57.7 per 100,000. That puts the state at last. rank, with a ranking of 49e in the countryside.

The report also found that across the country, the five-year survival rate of lung cancer patients increased from 14.5% to 23.7%. In Arkansas, however, the five-year survival rate is only 20.9%, which the researchers said was “considerably lower than the national rate.”

American Lung Association officials said the report showed the five-year survival rate in communities of color remains at a low of 20% and 18% for black Americans, noting that in Arkansas, this group is the least likely to receive surgical treatment for the disease. .

The director of advocacy for the American Lung Association in Arkansas, Shannon Baker, said it was essential for the state to provide prevention and support programs for the Arkansans.

“With Arkansas being among the worst in the country for new cases of lung cancer, it is clear that much more can and must be done in Arkansas to prevent the disease and support those facing the disease, such as bridging the gap. loopholes in tobacco control laws and reducing tobacco use. through proven smoking prevention and cessation programs, ”said Baker.

Although the report’s findings show that progress is still needed, the country is working to create preventive measures. Officials said the U.S. Prevention Services Task Force has broadened its screening recommendation to include a wider age range and more current or former smokers.

To view the full American Lung Association’s State of Lung Cancer report for Arkansas, visit

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