Anya Taylor-Joy on Surviving a Busy Work Period on “Diet Coke, cigarettes and coffee”


nya Taylor Joy revealed that she survived her busy schedule while filming The Queen’s Gambit by existing on “Diet Coke, cigarettes and coffee.”

The 25-year-old model-turned-actor filmed three hit projects in quick succession in the space of a few months. First, the lead role in Autumn de Wilde’s adaptation of Emma, ​​then the psychological horror Last Night in Soho, before moving on to her Golden Globe-winning portrayal in The Queen’s Gambit.

The star only took a few days off between the three projects.

The actor, who took a break from Robert Eggers’ horror The Witch, said being busy means she is efficient when it comes to her free time.

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Ms Taylor-Joy said, “I don’t have time to be 25 with a hangover. But I’m not someone who needs a drink to dance to. Basically I have become very efficient at everything. I’m like ‘What do I need to get out of this situation?

“I need to dance for a few hours, see my friends and have a good time,” so I’m like, “Okay, let’s go”. Then it’s: coming home, taking a bath, getting up to work. I sound mental, but that’s what is working for me right now.

The three high-profile roles meant Ms Taylor-Joy’s profile rose significantly – and she spoke to the magazine about dealing with the paparazzi following her.

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The star said: “There are times when you’re just one person against 20 and it’s just not physically safe. It can be very scary when there are loads of men with cameras attached to your face chasing you down the street. ”

Ms Taylor-Joy said she confronted a photographer to try to convince him that she was not his “prey”.

“I went out and said, ‘Hello, my name is Anya. Let’s lower the camera and meet. ‘ She said. “I am not a prey. I don’t want to run. I prefer to say, “I understand this is your job and hope you can understand that I am a woman of a certain size and feel intimidated right now, so can we make it work for you? can do your job and I can be less afraid? ”

The October issue of Tatler is available for digital download and on newsstands Thursday, September 2.

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