Alaska Hometown: The history of Filipino Alaska runs deeper than you might think.


October has been recognized by the United States Congress and several state legislatures as Philippine History Month, to celebrate the long history of Filipinos in the United States. However, when we think of Filipino Americans, the states that people think of most easily are California and Hawaii; very few think of Alaska. But the Filipinos of Alaska have a history as long and as rich as any other American Filipino community. This episode focuses on the Philippine history of Alaska, as well as the many achievements and contributions of the Filipinos in Alaska, as the Philippine history of Alaska is the history of Alaska and the history Filipino American is American history.

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Marie Husse: Marie was born in Manila, Philippines and has been originally from Alaska since 1984. She is an investigator for the Anchorage Equal Rights Commission, which investigates complaints of discrimination. She holds a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from Alaska Pacific University and is a Certified Career and Work Life Coach. She is a past president and board member of the Alaska Federation of Philippino Americans. She has lived in Anchorage with her husband for 26 years; they have 2 daughters – one is in Seattle University Law School and the other is studying business and psychology at the University of Alaska Anchorage.

Dr Gabriel Garcia: Dr. Garcia is a Philippine-born and Alaska-raised public health professor at the University of Alaska Anchorage. He completed his doctorate in public health with a minor in anthropology at UCLA. His research interests include the health and experience of Filipinos, racial and ethnic health disparities, and the health of Asians and Pacific Islanders. He is also the coordinator of the UAA’s master’s program in public health. Dr Garcia is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Community Service, the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Diversity and the Community Builder Award from the Center for Community Engagement & Learning. Dr Garcia, along with a group of UAA faculty and students, received the UAA Stewardship Award in 2014 and the American Lung Association in Alaska’s Breathe Easy Champion Award in 2015 for efforts successful group to Smoke and Smoke the University of Alaska System. free. In 2015, Dr Garcia was appointed one of the health commissioners of the Anchorage Department of Health.


Philippine American National Historical Society


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