31,000 illegal cigarettes found in stores in Liverpool at once

Thousands of pounds of illegal cigarettes and tobacco have been seized in a council raid on shops in Liverpool.

The Liverpool Council Alcohol and Tobacco Unit carried out the raids with the help of Pippa, a specially trained tobacco sniffer dog.

The unit carried out unannounced inspections at six premises in the city on Sunday 28 November and in four shops it discovered 31,000 illicit cigarettes and 6 kg of loose tobacco – worth more than £ 16,000.

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The counterfeit goods were all hidden in concealed compartments which were sniffed out by Pippa in Kensington town center and the county quarter.

The transport consisted of cigarettes with foreign labels, counterfeit cigarettes and hand-rolled tobacco.

Counterfeit cigarettes and unpaid / contraband cigarettes contain higher levels of toxic compounds such as tar and nicotine which can be life threatening.

Rat and mouse droppings, as well as other dead insects, have also been found in counterfeit products.

The staff and management of the four premises will now be the subject of a criminal investigation.

The six year old English Springer Spaniel was supplied by detector dog specialist Wagtails UK.

Anyone familiar with the illegal trade in the city can report it here.

Liverpool City Councilor for Neighborhoods Councilor Abdul Qadir: ‘No cigarette is good for your health, but counterfeit cigarettes can contain even higher levels of carcinogenic toxins, so we are doing everything we can to make sure that ‘they are not sold in our city. .

“Our alcohol and tobacco unit is dedicated to targeting this type of illicit activity and it’s great to see sniffer dogs like Pippa being part of the team to help us protect the public.

“The sale of cheap counterfeit tobacco undermines our ambitions to improve the health of people living in areas of Liverpool where health inequalities are a major concern, particularly with regard to tobacco-related illnesses.

“Locals who continue to supply these products will be targeted, and if caught off guard, it could lead to major lawsuits.”

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