£ 24,000 worth of illicit cigarettes and tobacco seized


The raids, which resulted from infiltration test purchases and intelligence received, recovered more than 38,000 illicit cigarettes and 155 packets of roll-your-own tobacco, as well as money allegedly obtained through criminal activities.

The majority of the seized items were deliberately concealed in various places within the searched premises, but were quickly discovered by detector dogs, once again proving their usefulness in thwarting the efforts of unscrupulous criminals.

Agents say the products were not made or packaged for legal sale in the UK, and that “investigations are underway” to take legal action against those involved.

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Rotherham’s advice.

Tom Smith, deputy director of Rotherham’s council for community safety and the street scene, said: “The officers involved in this operation should take credit for the significant impact they have on protecting the interests of the people. residents of Rotherham by disrupting the activities of those who chose to operate. outlaw.

“In addition to affecting legitimate local retailers, the sale of illegal tobacco makes it easier for children to obtain cheap tobacco and undermines broader government efforts to reduce smoking.

“We urge all members of the public to report criminal activity in their neighborhood so that we can take action to prevent it. “

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