Getting a loan with fair interest rate may be easier than you might think, just compare the credit offers available in the market. Let us teach you how this is done.

How do I know if my interest rate is not abusive?

As well as comparing the price variation of commodities in different supermarkets, the interest rate should also be compared among the various institutions.

However, when applying for a loan, the financial proposal must be evaluated, taking into account the installment, term and the Total Effective Cost (CET).

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Do not forget to inform your data with transparency, as omitting them will make it impossible to make a faithful comparison.

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Where to seek rates to compare

Where to seek rates to compare

The website of the Central Bank provides the average interest rate determined by each institution, with the exception of fintechs that are mostly bank correspondents.

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But note, you have to open a parenthesis here, the average rate indicated does not necessarily represent the rate you will get at that institution.

The comparison is made through the CET of each institution, request this information and evaluate. Remember to compare considering the same payment term as the Total Effective Cost varies less as the payment period extends.

Where to find the fairest offer


Serasa Ecred can assist you in the search for the best rate through your credit profile.

The offer will depend on the profile and type of loan that the consumer is looking for.

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You Blue offers one of the lowest CETs (Total Effective Cost) in the credit market, try simulating with us.

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What is the difference between the CET and the interest rate?


The Total Effective Cost will cover all costs involved in the operation, such as charges, tariffs and taxes.

So pay more attention to the CET and you will know what interest rates are unrealistic.